January 21, 2005

Announcement: My Mojo Is Fully Operational

Right now, I'm feeling good, if a little worn out. No, it wasn't attending a city council work session last night, it wasn't due to seeing a trailer for Pauly Shore is Dead and seeing Mr. Shore resemble an aged Borscht Belt Comedian...

No, I had a hell of a first date last night.

My dating life has been hit-or-miss in the past few years: trying to date during an unrequited love affair, having the embarrassing first dates that lead to empty "That-was-great-let's-do-it-again-sometime" promises....in fact, I had pretty much given up the dating thing, thinking that 2005 was going to start "Gordon: the Lone Wolf Years."

However, this was an oh-so cool date. One for the record books.

It actually began with someone e-mailing me talking about "resuming our conversation" from another service. Even though this was based on mistaken identity, eventually, we planned to meet last night. Luckily, she was able to make it earlier than she expected, and we found meeting (for the first time) at Pin-Up Bowl. No awkward pauses, no lulls, nothing to make this first date have that "date-that-is-really-a-job-interview" feel. (Trust me - it was getting to the point that I was considering asking women for their resumes - cut to the chase). We both were comfortable with each other to share part of our lives (I think she appreciated the fact that I jokingly announced that I was "doing Satan's work." Those who know what I do will dig it).

Then, it was down to the Delmar Lounge for a really late, where I ran into Jeff and Randy, some pals/former Metropolis Steering Committee comrades, and then my date and I continued our conversation. I tell you, I broke every single rule in the "Macho Guy Dating Book" - I invited her to a Billikens game this Saturday (I had free tickets), my employer's upcoming trivia night, and all without the usual "Oh-my-god-do-you-like-me" desperation I usually feel.

(You'll notice I haven't talked about her and her background at all - until this works out (if it does), I'd like to keep her identity anonymous. Trust me - you'll understand)

Finally, we made our way to Blueberry Hill, where the college crowd came in. My professional instincts kicked in when we both saw some extemely-underage-looking women with drinks, and I wanted to check ID. (Professional hazard - sorry). Eventually, I was starting to nod out and get quiet - more out of fatigue than boredom. However, we both went back to her car, she drove me back to mine, and it was home for both of us.

It's scary, but scary in a good way - scary enough to inspire me to write an entry for the contest in Polite Dissent. Scary, but exciting, like a roller coaster ride through a ring of fire.

But enough of my personal digressions - I promise; next time it will be more pop culture shtick, stream-of-consciousness ramblings, and John Byrne bashing.

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Scott said...

Blueberry Hill was always one of my favorite places to take dates in St. Louis. They used to have (and probably still do) the Elvis Room downstair, where they play live Blues music. A tiny room, wallpapered with old singles album covers, but always an amazing time.

My favorite room was the one inside and to the right. They had the glass displays of old comics (sadly aniled to the wall). We'd get one of the window seats overlooking Delmar.

Of course, it's about tripled in size since I lived there...