October 2, 2005

Decisions, Decisions

Well, if you dig answering polls (like the one in the sidebar), you'll love this one - and all you have to do is post your thoughts in the comments.

Here's the situation - I've been invited to a Halloween party this Saturday night, and I would be heading there straight from another event. I want to dress up in costume, but don't want to have to worry about elaborate dressings. (Plus, my Batman cowl got used last year) So, here are my ideas for a Halloween costume - tell me what you think! (And no other suggestions - I'm not going to stress over this kind of thing).

1) Red-Shirted Star Trek Ensign
Pros: Have shirt, pants, phaser, fake communicator, would only need a little gold foil and minimal sewing
Cons: Screams "anti-social loser who lives in mom's basement"; not exactly mojo-friendly as well

    2) Construction Worker
    Pros: Have hat, flannel shirt, boots - very minimal changes; also, very simple
    Cons: May get mistaken for one of the Village People

    3) The Ninth Doctor

    Pros: Have the outfit: all I would need is a sonic screwdriver; has that "Ramones meets James Bond" vibe
    Cons: Eccleston's much skinner than I am, plus somehow seems a little too...obscure

    4) Number 6 from The Prisoner
    Pros: All I would need is the pennyfarthing bicycle badge; also, featured on an infamous episode of The Simpsons
    Cons: Might be a little too conceptual
    Now, you're probably wondering why I'm going public with this, and the answer is...why not? It allows me more interactivity with you guys, and plus - I think it's pretty freakin' funny.

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