May 1, 2006

May Thoughts

The past two days have been really busy - full of kids, the godson's birthday, dealing with family, and well, tons of goodness. Before I get a leavin' on a jet plane, here are some random thoughts:
  • Finished reading the Discovering Sherlock Holmes series, and the slighly sad thing is that I looked forward more to receiving that weekly than my regular comic stash. (It'll be repeated next year, and I can visit this site in the interim.)
  • Cool: buying the first round of drinks for you and your doctor uncle. Not cool: drinking two beers on an empty stomach.
  • Thanks to Mom's super-fast internet connection, I've been able to download some Doctor Who season 2 episodes. Based on "The Christmas Invasion", I hereby nominate David Tennant as the "Caffeinated Davy Jones Doctor"
  • Speaking of which, for some reason, my computer won't "accept" the new ethernet card I purchased. (It's plug-and-play, but no prompts or new hardware is discovered). Any thoughts?
  • Cool: reading Greg's regular list-of-sites. Not Cool: being one of those people Greg wishes would shut up. (And that's more about those sites than Greg. Honestly).
  • The more I think about it, the only difference between Howard Chaykin and Frank Miller's attitude towards women - at least Chaykin's honest about it. Plus, his books are better.
  • Started reading the legendary Superfolks - of course, I'm only on chapter 3, but so far, so good. (Only drawback - it's so steeped in late '70s culture it's a little dated. However, I can see how Kurt Busiek and so many others were influenced)
  • Remember, friends, that Saturday's Free Comics Day, but Yet Another Comics Blog has an entire month of free comics!

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