October 8, 2006

Live from Bridgeview Illinois: Psychic Predictions

First, if you're ever in Chicago, check out the Bongo Room, located at 1470 N. Milwaukee Avenue. Not only is the food great, but I went to high school with the owner. Take that, St. Louis! (And when STL comes up with a place as cool, I'll be impressed).

Anyway, as I promised in an earlier post, I am offering free psychic predictions. Since only two people formally requested predictions, I will provide some insight for my fellow bloggers. Here we go:

Eddie asks quite simply, How many fingers am I holding up? Answer: two...and it's a peace sign. Cool, bro!

Roger, feeling ambitious, asks several questions, including:

Will we have more children? Answer: not if you keep leaving the seat up.

What the future of my job? Answer: books. Lots of books.

Where will I be living in 10 years? Relevant because Lydia will be going to middle school. Answer: you will be living...in paradise.

And now, some gratuitous predictions, because I can:
So, again, until next time, folks, remember - paint chips do not make a good between-meal snack.

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