December 9, 2018

Assorted Online Shenanigans - Brought to You by Coffee!

My New Motto

November went by really fast...because, let's face it, I needed to take a break

One of the great things about leaving Chicago TARDIS is that my Thanksgiving was a bit calm....but I was dealing with a lot. I talk about it here - as well as The Witchhunters - for the Who 37 Doctor Who Podcast.

As for the "taking-a-break"  part, well...earlier in November I suffered a serious case of caregiver burnout, but I recovered in time for Family Caregiver Month.

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Finally, here's video from my October Deep Dish reading at Volumes Cafe:

October 18, 2018


(Yes, this was originally posted on Airship 27, and yes, I'm behind this new anthology. I'll write about it later, but let me link to this All Pulp post to ensure that there's an evergreen direct link)


It is no secret that Airship 27 Production’s best-selling books for the past six years have been their volumes in the “Sherlock Holmes – Consulting Detective” series. Now twelve volumes rich, they continue to sell and are constantly on Amazon’s top mystery anthology list year after year. To their thousands of loyal readers, the reason for this continued success is no secret. All Airship 27 Production’s “Consulting Detective” books are done strictly in the tradition of Holmes & Watson’s creator, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Now, this leading New Pulp publisher is hoping this formula will work a second time as they prepare to launch a brand new anthology based once again on a Conan Doyle character; Prof. George Edward Challenger.

“After Holmes, Challenger is clearly Doyle’s most popular creation,” says Airship 27 Production’s Managing Editor Ron Fortier. “Which is why when our pal, and fellow writer, Gordon Dymowski approached us about doing a series featuring George Challenger, we were eager to hear what he had in mind.” Dymowski, a popular Chicago writer and blogger, is also known as an enthusiastic Doctor Who fan and can be found at most Who related events in the Windy City.

“Gordon not only suggested the concept,” continued Fortier, “but actually went the extra step by writing up a Prof. Challenger bible.” A bible is a name given to character data documents with which editors use to introduce perspective writers to a series. “Our hope is to elicit interest from established New Pulp writers in our community. Anyone interested in submitting should contact me and I’ll happily send them a copy of the bible.” Fortier ends with stating this is not a project for new amateur writers and Airship 27 will only look at those inquiries send in from known, published writers.

Will lightning strike twice? Time will tell, while Fortier and Dymowski certainly have their fingers crossed.