Mar 6, 2015

Guess What Today Is?

And for those who aren't quite into cake:

Mar 4, 2015

My New Professional Venture: ONE CAUSE CONSULTING

I've taken a very important step in my professional life: I've been working with nonprofits, social ventures, and small businesses for awhile now. Combined with my past community experience, I have a great deal of expertise which could be brought to bear. So in my quest to find consistent work, I'm taking the plunge....

....and starting my own marketing consultancy.

Consider this a soft launch of my new marketing consultancy, One Cause Consulting. My goal is simple - help social ventures/social entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and small businesses build their communities one cause at a time. (Hey, that's a catchy title, isn't it?) .

My intention is to provide quality consultation around online marketing and copywriting that provides strong results, positive impact, and which meet specific business goals.

So why am I announcing this on my personal, pop culture blog? Well, this is part of a gradual roll-out. After freelancing/job seeking for the past few years, building a business seemed the next logical step. (In fact, looking back on my college and grad school years....I had done something similar). I'm also more than willing to work with small publishers, pop culture-related companies, and work with a nontraditional client base.

Yes, the web site is a work in process (I'm learning WordPress), and a Facebook Page will be created by the end of the week.....but if you know anyone who could use my services, just send them down to the site....and thanks!

Mar 2, 2015

Live Long and Prosper: Remembering Leonard Nimoy

Photo by Gage Skidmore
To say that I was a Star Trek fan in my younger days is an understatement - it was one of the few shows which my father and I could watch together. (Trust me, ninety-nine percent of the time we were arguing). I can still quote whole chunks of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan verbatim. And when it came to characters I could identify with, it wasn't the heroic Kirk..... was Spock.

I was brought up with some very antiquated values about men and emotion. Think of it like this: my mother was often Amanda, my father often Sarek. To be fair, my father was brought up by first generation immigrants from Eastern Europe during the 1950's - this isn't one of those kind of admissions; merely that there's a context.

But one of the things that attracted me about Star Trek wasn't just the adventure - or the high level of writing (which led me to a childhood journey to learn who this mysterious "Gene Roddenberry" was) - it was the fact that a character who was "alien" and an "outsider" was having the same kind of emotional journey that I was....and that, at some point, a person like that could interact with others and feel as if they belonged yet still retain their anonymity.

But even as I got older, I could appreciate Nimoy's work - both as Martin Landau's replacement in Mission: Impossible (I once asked him about this as part of a Prodigy Online chat - he enjoyed the experience but felt frustrated due to the lack of challenge, if I remember correctly) and some of his film work (besides the two Trek films, well....I'm a sucker for Three Men & A Baby. There, I said it out loud). But perhaps even more than Shatner, Nimoy has always been an ambassador for Trek.

Nimoy always carried himself - even when doing, say, an episode of The Simpsons, with a high level of self-respect. Never condescending, self-depreciating without being self-consciously hip (unlike Mr. Shatner), Nimoy was more of a spokesman for Trek's ideals than anyone besides Roddenberry. It's a bit shocking that he's gone, his death resonates for me a bit more deeply because I didn't just lose someone whose work I admired....

...but someone who, in a very subtle way, provided an ideal for manhood. One which I try very hard to emulate.