Nov 26, 2014

Public Domain Drive-In: JIGSAW

So it's the night before Thanksgiving - you want to watch a little something before the big day. Tomorrow, it's going to be turkey, football, and you want to get in a little noir-ish fun.

Let me present to you 1949's Jigsaw.

It's a story about a man who investigates a murder....and finds a larger conspiracy. This film is also chock full of blank-and-you'll-miss-them appearances by some well-known actors.

It's a pretty good, taut movie that is really well worth checking out. Enjoy!

(Don't worry - we have something special planned for tomorrow as well)


Nov 25, 2014

NaBloPoMo: Into the Home Stretch

So you're probably thinking, "Gordon, with being such a busy guy, especially in trying to function well in the freelance world....what in the name of heck are you doing blogging? Even participating in a daily blogging challenge?"

To be entirely honest....keeping up a regular blog has been a challenge. When it comes to time management, I'm not as diligent as I would like, but I have gotten better. In fact, my entire social media profile has somewhat suffered....but perhaps I can put all of this into some perspective.

I am a writer. Not just a "published" writer or a "professional" writer, but my nature has always been to give life to words. To take abstract thoughts, concepts, and ideas (both creative and technical) and put them into words. (I also have the uncanny ability to be methodical, and can do a really neat trick with my fingers). This past year has also seen a critical reevaluation of my life....especially since a colleague of mine passed away a year ago.

It meant taking inventory of my life - my activities and actions - and making a crucial decision. Many of the things I was doing were slowly - but surely - turning from blessings into burdens. (In fact, I had seriously burned out on many things, including Doctor Who fandom). But what I chose to do is focus in learning - and continuing - those things that brought me absolute joy. Not "joy" in the usual nerd/geek sense of hyperbole (you know, "awesome sauce", "the goodness", and all those other tiring phrases), but things which - despite amount of effort and difficulty - allowed me to feel strong, positive emotions.

(And if you say "the feels", I will ban you from this blog. Seriously.)

It meant letting go of some long-established activities, providing me with time - and room - to be bored, if I so chose. Reevaluating my priorities, including my creative ones, and deciding to go full-on into creative writing as a sideline. Focusing on building up my professional - and personal - reputation so that I would be seen as a great person rather than the cliche (insert field here) ninja/guru/rockstar/expert.

(In fact, if you ever meet someone who uses any of the previous titles when introducing themselves - turn and run swiftly. Seriously.)

And one of the things that brings me joy - is writing. Thanks to having some creative and professional outlets, it has meant that this year has brought some freelance work. (Not enough, but it has allowed me to network more). I have been invited to participate in many professional projects and endeavors.

It's even meant a new furry companion in my life (although to be thoroughly honest - he's my dog, but he's not my dog, if you catch my drift).

Normally, NaBloPoMo is an attempt for me to drive traffic and content - to play "catch up" with all of those posts I've been meaning to write, but never got around to completing. This year, it's more about me rediscovering my voice, but more importantly, relocating my humanity and reconnecting with others.

And that, most importantly, is why I blog. 

Nov 24, 2014

A Month of Me

As all of you know, every once in awhile I Google my own name, and then - in an effort to improve my search results (as well as have a nice, convenient excuse to link dump on the blog) - I post them online.
Is it helpful? Possibly only to me, but at the very least, it provides a great opportunity for you to catch up on other online writing that I do as well.

(Especially with the fact that I've just learned that another publishing effort is coming to completion....meaning that I now have another "soon-to-be-released" story. And I will get royalties from all sales)

So without further adieu, feel free to jump on in and enjoy the link dumping:

You definitely want to put this week's Zone 4 episode on your playlist - it's two comic reviews of two characters I really enjoy. Plus, you get to hear my voice crack due to illness, so enjoy!

Speaking of comics, check out this month's column for Comic Related, in which I attempt to make up for lost time by featuring four super hero shows. I think you'll be surprised by my thoughts.....

Although I rarely make it on Pinterest, one of my early pins....keeps popping up. Don't ask me why.

Wow, almost no online shenanigans? Must mean I'm rather busy.....