Apr 20, 2014

Your Easter Viewing Moment of Zen

While I'm heading to Mom's to enjoy an Easter feast, here's some videos to help you pass the time.

First, the latest Batman video (by Bruce Timm) that you may have seen floating around the Internet:

Next, a BBC documentary about Machiavelli that basks in several layers of pop culture television goodness:

Your Cab Calloway/Betty Boop crossover moment of zen:

And finally, one of my favorite episodes of Leverage - see if you can guess why? (And yes, I've posted this before).

Happy Easter, everyone!

Apr 16, 2014

When Anniversaries Converge

Things have been....well, busy (like they never are busy), but it's been a real challenge, as several very key anniversaries have, well, hit me in the past the past month and a half.

(Well, that and seeing all sorts of nastiness spread about me on the Internet, but that's another kettle of fish entirely).

First, March marked seven years back in Chicago after living in St. Louis for....seven years. It's a weird kind of symmetry, having spent as much time on my "return" as I did in establishing a life. And in all honesty, I can't say that things are any better or worse....in St. Louis, it was all about settling into "my own" life. Learning how to be independent, apart from family, and being forced to survive on my wits. But back "home", there's a nice sense of familiarity and connection. Yes, there have been challenges, but at the very least, I don't feel alone.

Many others, like me, ride public transit and don't own cars. Several of us have learned to freelance and take work as it comes.

(Oh, and my freelance contract ended, starting the networking/application cha-cha-cha once again).

But May is....well, it's going to be a dual whammy. It's been almost one year since Dax passed away, and it's been a bit tough. On the one hand, the ten to fifteen minutes spent feeding her and giving her attention in the morning is now spent....waking up. At times, the apartment seems much more empty and lonely. (And Mom's cat Chucky is....well, he hides under the covers when I come over to visit. He's not very affectionate, and unlike Dax, isn't vocal at expressing his displeasure).

It's also the tenth anniversary of the blog (and yes, I messed up last year), and....I'm grateful for the chance to expand my writing. (Hopefully, some of it will be published - just waiting to hear news. I don't like spoilers). But it also means that working on items to be published will result in....well, procrastination on this blog.

This is a little self-indulgent, but quite honestly, it's an adjustment. I wish I could get a full-time well-paying gig writing (which would solve many of my problems), but in the interim, I'll just adjust to a slightly icky spring....which is much better than three months of an absolutely brutal winter.

Apr 12, 2014

Guess What Movie I Saw Last Week...

After a great, productive meeting about a potential business venture - and with four potential freelance gigs in the hopper - I decided to play hooky last Friday afternoon and saw Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

Of course, this has had a knock-on effect on my writing, mostly because I want to gain some SEO juice when people search for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

For a much more detailed review, please check out the write-up on Comic Related. It does infinitely more that I could on the blog.

(Not that this blog's anything to sneeze at, mind you)

Since part of this effort is to clean up from (essentially) an online harassment campaign two weeks ago (without pointing fingers - someone decided to discredit me, posting a very nasty press release in my name and claiming that I love spam. Although the second thing is true, the first isn't, and thankfully, I was able to get that nasty stuff removed). However, using Tuesday's new episode of Agents of SHIELD as a basis, I wrote about online resources for checking out non-profits for Chicago Now.

Also, the Zone 4 podcast is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and we're putting out a call for a female co-host. (And for the ladies - I apologize for some of the rather, well, inappropriate comments. I didn't have my morning coffee, and I apologize).

Finally, I'm gearing up for both C2E2 and Joss Whedon: A Celebration in May - scroll down on the Facebook evite for the Whedon event and read what Paul Booth wrote about me. Really cool.

Until next time, stay out of trouble, kids.