June 6, 2004

You're Not Hardcore...Unless You Live Hardcore

Or, Another Way To Spend a Saturday Afternoon...

Just finished watching the soon-to-be classic School of Rock, and this movie, well, rocks. It's hard to believe that Jack Black and Richard Linklater could make a movie that is 1) so incredibly mainstream, 2) so sweet, and 3) gives such a cool counterculture message.

You all know the plot - Jack Black's a failed rocker, he becomes a substitute teacher, and he encourages his class to develop their hidden talents. First, props to these kids - they got talent, and none of them engage in "movie cute" behaviors. There are also so many ways that this movie could have gone wrong...and didn't. It's pretty much entertainment for the whole family, without being cloying, annoying, or sugary. You can see the plot points a-comin' at times, but somehow, the cast and crew managed to make them work towards its advantage.

Definitely one of those movies that I'll own on DVD (hey, the pitch to Led Zeppelin for "The Immigrant Song" is worth the price of admission..)

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