July 11, 2004

Sunday Evening Blog

You know, when I started this, I thought it would be one of those fly-by-night things; after all, I kept a personal journal on my computer, so it wasn't like I would be posting my innermost secrets - just wanted to see where it took me, and it's an interesting process, to say the least.

Finished Hitchhiker - unless you're a hardcore Douglas Adams fan, I would avoid it. It's kind of, well, dull, and that's the last thing you would expect from Douglas Adams. Plus, I'm looking forward to making my way through some continually unread books I own, such as Reefer Madness, The Corrections, and a three-book Star Trek: Deep Space Nine series. (Of course, work will be keeping me busy, recovering from a big project and moving into a four-day conference in the city).

I'm also glad that many of my pals are bloggers - hell, I'm just glad I have friends. My sanity's been a little ragged lately, with all the drama that's going on...the brightest part of my weekend has been reading that a "Hot Ambercrombie Chick" linked to my blog. (Just click on her link - it's actually pretty cool).

Also watched Election, and it may be hitting too close to home, but it is one of the most evil, unwatchable movies I have ever seen. None of the characters are redeemable, and did we really need an erotic scene with Matthew Broderick? I think not.

Until next time, kids...

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Anonymous said...

bad news gordon... hot abercrombie chick is actually a man.


there's a ton of stuff on people's blogs about this whole issue.

some people have a lot of time on their hands!

but the pictures aren't bad...