July 22, 2004

This One's For the Ladies

Just a little something that was, at the time, laugh-out-loud
funny; hopefully, I can share it appropriately.

Two days ago, Quentin visited us at our office - we do a lot
of work with youth, and Quentin is considered a "successful
graduate." He's one of those individuals who proves that you
can overcome any obstacle in order to achieve what you wish.

He had visited during lunch, and with me being the only 1) male
and 2) under-40 person at the table, it took a lot to keep
quiet. Quentin was talking to the lunch crowd about his dietary
habits, and how he really loves McDonalds. He also claimed he was
"getting old" (read: 20), and that he couldn't handle White
Castle hamburgers anymore.

Cut to the chase: during the course of this conversation, Quentin
announced that if his girlfriend smelled like a McDonald's
french fry, he would "never leave her again." In fact, he
stated that "the perfume companies would make a killing;
instead of CK, you have McDonald's French Fry." We then
talked about the various permutations - Domino's pizza
for men, new pick up lines like, "Hey baby, I'm wearing...
Quarter Pounder with Cheese."

Just a little humor to lighten everyone's day.

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