August 13, 2004

Ahead, Lame Factor 7!

OK, I admit it, I'm a Trekkie (although it's been sorely tested as of late), and here are two items of interest.

1) In perusing the Continuing Ed catalog from St. Louis Community College, I noticed that there is a five-week course on Star Trek. For under $40, you can learn all about the show. I'm not kidding; e-mail me for details. (And for you pals o'mine, think it's worth checking out, if only for the cheese factor?)

2) Have you ever been stuck in a conversation with someone - maybe even two people - where, mentally, you are screaming "Get me the [expletive] out of here!", but you are somehow morbidly fascinated with the conversation, as if it were an intellectual train wreck?

Then my suggestion is to rent MindMeld, which is 75 minutes of Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner talking about Star Trek, the "phenomenon", and basically, well, chewin' a lot of scenery.

My conclusions from watching this are as follows:
  • A friend of mine from the old Prodigy online service once sponsored online "appearances" from Mr. Shatner and Mr. Nimoy. Her conclusion (and Karin, if you're out there, send me an e-mail) was that Mr. Nimoy "made Mr. Shatner look humble." This DVD proves it.

  • I'm all for bonus features, but when you need to do a "making of" for a DVD like this...there's something seriously wrong with you.

  • Finally, the only thing of worth - Billy West's beginning narration. I kid you not.

Luckily, though, I found the antidote...Waiting for Guffman. This movies is flat-out funny. Rent it today!

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