August 19, 2004

...This Town..., Epilogue

If you head read either Part One or Part Two of this post, you would have read about my job-related efforts to pass legislation in Arnold. There was a petition initiative to essentially undermine these efforts, as well as to undercut the city council's authority.

Luckily, their petition drive was 200 signatures short, meaning that the city council's decision stands. Oh, I know, the opponents of such legislation have other tricks up their sleeve, but last night mean a quick trip to Target, a night of rest, relaxation, and The Tao of Steve. (Reviewed next time)

[One quick note - the gentleman who served as spokesman for the opposition, at least in the media, was claimed to be a "bar owner", "computer technician", and "private citizen". If he wants the man-of-many-tags like, he should be more like my friend Brian, who is a "blogger", "computer expert", "Trivia buff", "World-renowned last of the tough guys", and "international ladies' man". If you're gonna do something, do it right!]

Oh, and my office is 70% furnished - the big furniture, computer, etc. is in. Now, all I have to do is put up pictures/bulletin boards/stock shelves, and I'm done.
(For all the comic dudes, I would like suggestions for an Alex Ross poster to put up. Trust me - having his art inspires me. Suggest a piece for the office of a community-minded, substance abuse prevention dude - I'm at a loss)

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