September 24, 2004

Comp Day Thoughts

Today is comp day - my employer allows us to take time off if we work over a certain amount of time; luckily, today I can sit, drink a lot of coffee, and just blog some random thoughts, mostly comic related:
  • If I didn't know better, I would swear that Avengers Disassembled was a parody of Bendis' writing...which is sad, because Bendis is writing it.
  • Mike at Progressive Ruin noticed an in-continuity reference to a pre John Byrne Doom Patrol story. Here's something even better - check out Identity Crisis # 4, page 1, panel 2 - check the smaller headline in Persons magazine.
    I suspect that the John Byrne Doom Patrol is nothing more than a tax write-off for DC.
  • Speaking of DC, why do I have the sneaking suspicion that the ending of the JSA: Strange Adventures storyline will suggest that the whole thing is a "story" by Johnny Thunder...which is then rejected by the pulps as being too "far-fetched". Or am I being needlessly cynical?
  • Finally caught the Busiek CSA story in JLA Secret Files & Origins, and for some reason, really want to see the Crime Sydicate version of Aquaman. Now that would totally rock!
  • Random thought - after seeing 8 Mile with Eminem, I can only conclude...that if Mystery Science Theater 3000 was still on the air, it would feature that film within five years
  • After checking out the reviews on Laura's blog, I bit the bullet and downloaded Firefox. Finally, a browser that combines the best of Internet Explorer (namely, the menus) with the tabbing of Mozilla without the security problems of the former or the bloat of the latter. It's now my new default browser, and I can do more silly stuff online in less time. I'm sold!
That's it for today - I'm gearing up to work out, spend some time at the library, and just basically enjoy a three day weekend.

Yeah, it's cool being me - so what?

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