September 22, 2004

Cue Maniacal Laughter

Maybe it's the kind of week I've had - I've been going non-stop for the last eight days, including:

  • Two, count 'em, two city council meetings (about 50 miles apart from each other);
  • A two-day trip to Jefferson city for a training (where I saw Shrek 2 for free and caught the infamous "I'm Rick James, Bitch" episode of Chapelle Show;
  • Last Wednesday's Cardinals game against the Astros (for work);
  • A last-minute trek to Lincoln County;
  • Various meetings;
  • Winning second place at a Trivia Night;
  • Working the beverage cart at a golf tournament for Boys & Girls Town;
  • Attending a baseline training in Jefferson County; and
  • Developing and writing workplans for my employer

However, today...something snapped. It was whilst online doing research (to break up the non-stop writing I've done) where a problem I've been dealing with...I found a solution.

It's clever - it may bring me ultimate power and success in one of my endeavors. I ran it past several colleagues, who gave me plenty of supporting evidence for it.

I'm psyched...and unfortunately, I won't be able to use the solution until Monday. I'll definitely blog in between, but Monday...if I pull this off, I will be more "da man" than I am now. I kid you not.


That felt really good.

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