October 2, 2004

Random Thoughts on A Saturday Night

Long day - had to work late in Chesterfield last night (luckily, it was proof positive the kids aren't into the whole "loud-guitar-and-headbanging" music scene); got a call that my mom's in the hospital with some gastrointestinal something-or-other; then, had to work an event in northern Jefferson County. Tomorrow will be calling Mom to make sure she's all right, another call to my cousin, and seeing Ramones: End of the Century at the Tivoli (where I recently saw Shaun of the Dead)

Anyway, onto some random thoughts before bedtime...

Right now, In Search of the Trojan War is playing on my DVD - being the mythology/history geek that I am (which resulted from my being a comic geek), it is six hours of sheer heaven.

Is it just me, or is DC: The New Frontier the mini-series that seemed suggested at the end of James Robinson's Golden Age?

OK, Mike's obsession with Swamp Thing is one thing; however, Comic Treadmill has gone too far. I mean, cheesy sixties tunes about the Justice League? I mean, OK, they sent me a kewl invite for Gmail...but guys, you need rehab, quick. I'll have to consult with Polite Dissent, so that I don't make any mistakes.

Just read Mike Waid's "Unthinkable" arc in Fantastic Four: loved the "take" on Dr. Doom, but why was I so...underwhelmed at the end?

Thank God for small favors - you can buy the Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera and A Day At the Races outside of the Warners' boxed set. Why waste money when those two movies are their MGM masterpieces?

Also caught that the newest Doctor Who DVDs - for Earthshock and Pyramids of Mars - were just released. You know, if my landlord wasn't so particular about me paying rent....

I may have mentioned this before - my favorite Chicago cable access show, We're Geniuses in France, has released two best-of tapes. Now, if only episodes of Svengoolie were commercially available...(and to my St. Louis homies - no, I ain't planning on moving anytime soon)

This week - more meetings, a pal's birthday, and I begin a cool pop culture class. Stay tuned, kids!

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