October 31, 2004

Vote or Die - STL Style

Just a bit of political commenting for all my STL readers - more pop culture commentary to follow later on.

Now, there's a big brouhaha over the slogan "vote or die", ironically first coined (but never copyrighted) by Mark Kilmer on the old Prodigy BB boards. However, when the South Park guys made a comment about how if you were not informed, you shouldn't vote, irked the ire of well known photography buff Sean Penn...well, it made me think about "Vote or Die".

Our country is a democratic republic, and the only way change truly comes is by voting and holding our elected officials responsible. It means learning the issues, being informed, and following your conscience. In other words, vote or die.

And now, just some of my recommendations for this election, other than vote:

First, in St. Louis City, 150 stakeholders collected and conferred to recommend changes to the St. Louis charter. (I was fortunate enough to be one of them). To read the proposed changes, head to Yes for Home Rule, and I strongly recommend you vote yes for A, B, C, D. Despite what critics say, this does not take away anyone's right to vote, but makes city government more accountable.

Next, vote yes on Proposition K, which would establish a fund for St. Louis City to provide services to kids who need it. It's a very slight raise in property taxes - about $36/month. However, our kids are well worth it.

Amendment 3, although sounds good on paper - pulling money from Missouri state general revenue for highways - will end up taking money away from desperately needed services. So I recommend voting NO for Amendment 3.

Again, this year, this election is critical, and we need everyone on board. Learn the issues. Make up your own mind.

Vote or die. It's that simple.

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