December 3, 2004

Boldly Going...To A Great Place!

Earlier tonight, I was hanging out with some new pals I met through Nanowrimo, and - luckily - the proprietors of Maurizio's decided to turn the television on to Star Trek: Enterprise. Now, I admit that I have had my concerns about the show - and was even slightly thrown when commenting on this post at Polite Dissent, but I have to admit that tonight's episode...has given me renewed faith in the franchise.

Now, sure, it was not the return of Gene Roddenberry as we know him, but tonight's episode, in one hour (including commercials) managed to regain the elusive quality of Trekkiness. In this past half year, we've seen alien Nazi's, a transition episode, and Brent Spiner dining on scenery - yes, friends, tonight's episode reaffirmed my faith in Trek.

It had it all - starship battles, sharp characterizations, and hints of both TOS and TNG (at the end, and no, I ain't gonna spoil it for you). It was one of the more strongly written Treks to be seen in a long time...and boy, did we deserve it.

Now I honestly can't wait until next week.

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