December 16, 2004

Sound Salvation That's Cleaning Up the Nation

First, a shout-out to Dave for picking up the Christmas Song meme from my previous post.

Maybe it's the fact that I bought a new stereo, or maybe the radio station in Chicago that played old radio shows when I was a kid...but I love old radio shows. Audio dramas. A time when the most cutting edge technology took ten to fifteen minutes to warm up, and which dominated households everywhere.

Well, thanks to the guys at Boing Boing, you can listen freely to Sherlock Holmes and other old radio shows. (My personal fave was X Minus One, a really cool sci-fi anthology show).

Coming soon to this blog: my Green Hornet appreciation and my final thoughts on Identity Crisis.

[EDIT - had forgotten to put in BB's link; did so at 1:30 pm on 12/17]

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