December 17, 2005

Procrastinators Anonymous

....or "how I learned to stop worrying and appreciate those who cleaned out their Firefox bookmarks for my entertainment"

First, in sad news, John Spencer (West Wing, L.A. Law) has passed away. Read this for more details about his life and career.

In much more upbeat news, I've added STL Rising to the blogroll - if you want to read about St. Louis in a way that you never have before, be sure to check it out. And a hearty thanks to my mapped pals, and please - feel free to map yourself. It's painless. honest.

If you need time to kill during the "slow period" of the holidays, here's a nice online game involving penguins. Andy might really like this.

(Side note - why is it Haloscan allows comments for group posts, but not individual entries?)

Don't worry, Dorian, I promise - no Coldplay or Chuck Norris quotes. But I will always throw in a gratutious Graham Parker reference when I can.

Best. Doctor. Who. Game. Ever.

Greg, when not comparing signs of depravity, strongly suggests (and I agree) owning Camelot 3000

File under "I can't see the point, but I see the attraction" - the difference between bad fan fiction and excellent fan fiction.

Polite Scott performs his holiday public service by telling you the nine things spammers don't want you to know (and pretty much hits the nail the head for his last point)

Even though it's Christmas, you're probably wondering, "how do I handle this particularly tricky Valentine's Day situation with my friend with benefits?" Here's the answer (not work safe)

For you fans of free/open source software, might I suggest Courier (for e-mail) and Open Office (especially since there's a blog with tips and tricks?)

The Ink Slinger has a really unique short story contest. You have to read the rules for yourself.

For you pop culture/comic enthusiasts - are you looking for old pulp literature in e-book form? Then check out Blackmask - they have almost every form of e-literature short of beaming it directly into your brain.

If you were a member of my family, here are the top three things you have to look forward to this holiday.

Finally, if any of you ever wondered what happened today in Marx Brothers history, here's the appropriate link (which you can use on your site)

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