December 14, 2005

Top 10 Things You'd Tell Your 18 Year Old Self

First, as you can see, I've done a little modifying to the blog - like Mike and Laura, I now have a Frappr map, so please feel free to map where you live. Worst thing that happens is that, after I get employed and take that celebratory road trip, I'll show up one evening and raid your fridge.

Anyway, I am "borrowing" this idea from Mah Two Cents - and it sounds interesting. It's "Top 10 Things I Would Tell My 18 Year Old Self.
  1. After college, don't worry about grad school right away - take a year off, do some temp work, and get your own place. Don't sign up for the first grad school that catches your eye. You'll need the relaxation, and quite frankly, you got a heap of livin' to do.
  2. Appreciate the people in your life; you never know when they'll leave. Plus, you'll avoid a ton of heartache.
  3. You know all those women you like? Ask them out for coffee, or lunch. Don't be shy and don't try to suck up. It'll build your confidence, and trust me - women dig confidence.
  4. Star Trek pretty much peters out around 1997, the end of Deep Space Nine. But don't worry, Doctor Who will come back and dole out the harshness!
  5. If you feel you need "professional help"...well, you do plan to be a counselor. Do it sooner rather than later, if you catch my drift.
  6. If you make one business investment - big and tall stores. They'll take off, and you'll get free clothes.
  7. In 1997, you'll meet a woman online who will put a lot of pressure on you to move to Oregon and marry her. My advice - don't. You'll be spared a ton of heartache - however, do plan to job search in St. Louis in November 1998.
  8. When you move to St. Louis and you ask that redhaired coworker out to lunch, be sure you call her before your lunch date. I didn't, and showed up in the middle of a work crisis (for her). She's worth it. Trust me.
  9. When you meet this guy while learning public speaking at open mike comedy nights, give in to temptation - cut off his pony tail and offer to sell it back to him. Hey, it'll be funny!
  10. When your mom brings home a computer with an online kit, don't scoff by saying, "People talking online - it'll never work." You won't have to appreciate the irony later on.

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