January 16, 2006

72 Degrees In Your Head

Before number three in our continuing series, a hearty congrats to Dave and his long box - he is the proud father of a new baby girl. In celebration, be sure to visit and wish him well. Also, here's a sample podcast from an earlier entry - something tells me I should wait and invest in, like, a microphone and formal podcasting software and stuff.

Got a call from my cousin - my mother was readmitted to the hospital for health issues. (Don't need to go into detail, but I am a worried little son). Decided that, in order to laugh a little, I would put on a movie that I hadn't seen in awhile - Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy.

On the one hand, it is the Kids in the Hall, doing what they do best - character-based sketch comedy. The premise is simple, and almost prescient: a scientist (Kevin McDonald) invents the ultimate antidepressant. After relaying the news to the head of a powerful pharmaceutical company (Mark McKinney, who does a wicked Lorne Michaels impersonation, and lays the groundwork for Dr. Evil). Eventually, the film turns satirical, as Chris Cooper (the drug's inventory) turns into a small scale celebrity, and the drug gains in popularity. Familiar characters abound in the film, and we see how Gleemonex slowly - but surely - affects those who take it.

However, the film is very spotty in places - this was not, reportedly, a happy shoot (and to be honest, the KITH had just finished taping the last of their show). In addition, we can see slight Hollywood-isms creep in, presumably Michaels' influence - a confrontation towards the end literally screams let's-hammer-the-theme-because-the-audience-won't-get-it, and the ending was lightened up. (Trust me - I've read the original script. It was much, much darker). It's easy to knock it because they didn't pull in more popular characters, but let's face it - the movie takes some comedic chances, and also shows that the KITH maybe aren't the greatest film comedians.

However, the film's theme - that happiness and sadness are two sides of the same coin - is one that needs to be repeated, and one I needed to hear again.

Do yourself a favor - see Brain Candy. You'll thank me later.

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