March 20, 2006

Monday Evening Blogaround

Quick question for you Haloscan experts - why do some people have problems with comments on my blog? And how do I fix it?

Ok, obligatory Infinite Crisis post (spoiler - you should see it by swiping):

so the multiverse is being fixed by Superboy's punching stuff? Gee, that makes a lot of sense. Sounds scientifically accurate.

Anyway, just an assortment of madness from around the blogosphere, but on a serious note - if you can, please hire Andy to entertain you. Having experienced the unemployment thing myself, I know how tough it is - he's a funny guy, and can juggle. Trust me, I've seen him in action.

Also, if you haven't already, sign up for Mixed Bag 4: The Voyage Home. You'll be glad you did.

Finally, for all of you Sherlock Holmes aficianados - your very own blog.

From Lifehacker - some public speaking tips, as well as a way to receive RSS feeds via e-mail.

Hey, look, it's an organizational superhero! (OK, DC and Marvel, go ahead and sue me - I'm not afraid).

Roger wants you to ask him things. I dare anyone to ask him where babies come from. I hear you can buy them at Trader Joe's.

Greg shares his opinion on the V for Vendetta movie, and gives us a blog that actually makes good use of Marmaduke.

Freeware! Freeware! Get yer hot, steamin' freeware!

The Accordian Guy goes educational on us.

Finally, a thank you to Scott of Polite Dissent, for introducing me to the genius that is House, MD. Favorite line - House tells a guy he takes vicodin because "they're yummy".

Thanks, Scott, for everything!

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