April 28, 2006

Two-Fisted Office Photos

Since I'm flying out to Chicago tonight for the godson's birthday - and to keep all of you looking at this blog - I'm posting some pictures of where I work, which is a Victorian-style house in north St. Louis. (E-mail me privately and I'll tell you where, unless I have a restraining order against you). Yes, come see me in two-fisted, form-filling-out action!

First, as you can see, the front of the building has a kind of "stately Wayne Manor" vibe to it. It's right next to a steel processing plant (as well as an apartment complex), and was at one time a homeless shelter. It was refurbished post-Katrina, in order to accommodate refugees who never came to St. Louis. Yes, most people get cubicles in a vast office space, I get a cool bedroom in here.
(Plus, our main office is located in an old church. It's casually referred to as "the chapel").

As you enter (and head upstairs), you will see my office in all its slightly disorganized glory - I have a little conference table for those important networking meetings, a mantle for my office toys, and most importantly - plastic shelving.
(Just a note - it's a gas fireplace, and I do have a cover for it. It does not work, and we cannot find the other part of the cover.)

Here's one half of my desk (which is alongside one of the walls of my office). As you can see, I have a computer, appropriate number of stress squeezers, a digital answering machine (because our voice mail hasn't been installed), free stapler stolen, er, taken from a hospital health fair, a small radio given as a gift, and...well, look closely and you'll see a small fanboyish accessory.

That's right - white out!

Bulletin boards are fun, aren't they? (My apologies for the blurriness - our camera's batteries were dying. My advice, folks - never buy batteries from a guy named "Vinnie". And if you do, remember - four AA batteries for a nickel is no bargain. Chances are, they're used and worthless.

Some things are worth a few extra bucks.

The most important machine in my entire office - that's right. Caffeine is the wind beneath my wings. It helps me be a productive member of society. I love caffeine more than Mike Sterling loves Swamp Thing, more than Brian loves poker, and more than Dorian appreciates Wildcat.

Coffee: a love affair that I hope never ends.

And finally, a white elephant gift from a River City Professionals Christmas party, and which I know Polite Scott will appreciate:

I'll be back on the 1st. Behave yourselves while I'm gone.

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