June 11, 2006

Reasons to Be Cheerful

This has been a rough week - finishing up with having one tire blow out while driving down Highway 40, and needing to get the spare placed on it. (And to the gentleman who gave me the finger - most drivers recognize that, when emergency flashers are on and a car pulls off the road, that's the universal signal to back yo'self up and not tailgate. Get a life and a clue, pal). Of course, I needed to replace two more tires with similar damage...but you ain't here for the emo, you're here for pop culture goodness.

Two new blogs on the blogroll: I Love Comics (a cool podcast) and Moreskune (a web comic/blog out of Japan) - if you're not checking out either one, it's your loss.

Sweet Smell of Success - although this movie was made in the '50s, much of it reflects contemporary culture. Tony Curtis and Burt Lancaster rock in this film. It may be a "cookie full of arsenic", but is definitely a classic.

Item that Made Me Laugh # 1 - This post on Andy Martello's blog (both NSFW or PC)

Wonder Woman # 1 - Of all the DC reboots, I rather enjoyed this book. (And I was never a major Wonder Woman fan). Terry and Rachel Dobson's art is splendid, and Allan Heinberg gives us enough teases to keep (at least) me hooked for a few issues.

Doctor Who: Genesis of the Daleks - the story that got me hooked back in high school. Remastered to a glorious degree, still moody and atmospheric...and disc 2's bonus features will have you smiling. (Only quibble - Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks spend way too much time either taking credit for the story, or complaining that they "wouldn't have done it that way.") Buy this now.

Item that Made Me Laugh # 2 - Warren DeMontague plays blackjack. (NSFW)

Bend It Like Beckham - It took me a little bit to get into this movie, and it's not half bad. Worth a rental - it's a British movie with a slightly American sensibility about an Indian girl who's a good soccer player. Yes, it hits all the right sports movie cliches...but it also has a ton of characterization, some strong acting, great turns of script, and some real insight into cultural differences. Plus, it answers a question that's on our minds in 2006: Who wants to cook Aloo Gobi when you can bend a ball like Beckham?

The 40 Year Old Virgin - OK, so you'd think this would be a very male-centric look at sex...and you'd be correct. However, this is a laugh-out-loud film that has a really sweet core to it. Not to be missed.

Finally, since you've all behaved, here's a very special treat: an episode of the late, lamented Greg the Bunny:

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