October 4, 2006

Live from the St. Louis Bread Company

Yes, this post is coming to you through the magic of Wi-Fi on my new Hewlett-Packard laptop after enjoying some broccoli cheese soup in a sourdough bread bowl. Hopefully, I can become a shill and earn some schwag.

Anyway, just a brief sojourn into the various thoughts that are floating in my head, including

  • Lefty's contribution to the Burn THIS, Pal exchange totally rocks, and thanks to him, I am going to have to get more Robbie Williams DVDs. Now,just have to listen to mixes from Eddie, Tosy & Cosh, and the Zombie Killer.
  • Nothing says "Veteran's Day" more than "Battle of the Sexes" trivia - help the Young Friends of Boys and Girls town by attending our upcoming trivia night on November 11th at the Heights - click here for more info.
  • One final reminder - psychic requests should be made by today, where I can predict the future with awesome power. Here's an example:
    In 2008, Greg will become dictator, assuming power after a computer glitch makes Larry Storch President of the United States. Greg will rule benevolently, except for certain people. A new golden age will arise!
More postings to follow!

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