November 10, 2006

Comics I've Been Reading

In between working, getting ready to head to lovely, scenic Seattle for a conference next week, and other things, I've been reading comics. Here are some capsule comments for your reading pleasure.

Nextwave # 9: Ok, so let me get this straight - Civil War, with the cliche of "clone Thor", keeps getting published, but this book, with the brilliant concept of "homicide crabs" gets canceled? God hates our guts.

Seven Soldiers # 1: Hol. Lee. Gosh. This is much, much better. Worth the wait, especially the last page.

52 # 23 - 26: The creation of the least likely villain, and now - now - things seem to be coming together. I'll give it another month or two.

Agents of Atlas # 4: One of my current favorites, with its heady mix of flat-out action, post-modern glimpses at old characters, and some interesting developments. Plus, it has monkeys, robots, and punching - three things I insist be present in my comics.

Ex Machina # 24: I love Ex Machina's mix of urban politics and slightly fantastic elements (luckily, Mayor Hundred doesn't don his suit to save the day every time). I liked this arc, since it touched on some issues that I have an interest in...but doesn't do so in a preachy way.

Supergirl & the Legion of Super-Heroes # 23: Why am I not surprised by the ending?

Planetary # 26: After years of enjoying this book, the storyline (possibly) comes to a close. It was a wild wide. Can't wait for the trades.

And of course, continuing to dig Secret Six, All New Atom and Fables.

And now, a little something I borrowed from this blog:

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