November 3, 2006

Random Abandoned Thoughts

Good morning, everyone,

Just a few random blogging points before I head out of town this weekend.
  • If you haven't already (and you live in or near St. Louis), be sure to sign up for the upcoming Boys and Girls Town Battle of the Sexes Trivia Night on 11/11. It will be fun, we have about five tables left, and you can mock me publicly. How cool is that?
  • As a private citizen, I encourage all of you Missouri residents to vote on Amendment 3, which would raise the tobacco tax to meet the national average. For those of you who think this is unreasonable, just a thought - in Chicago, where there's a city, state, and county tax, cigarettes are $11 a pack. Missouri's getting off lucky.
  • Other than encouraging everyone who can to vote this Tuesday, the above point is the only major announcement. As Mark Kilmer and I used to say, "Vote or die. It's that simple."
  • Wow, St. Louis won the World Series. Great - more people dressing in red clogging the MetroLink and keeping me from getting a seat. (Just kidding, St. Louis, honest).
  • Funniest. Post. Ever.
  • I think Lefty liked my Burn THIS, Pal! mix, don't you?
  • Finally, I've been using this service as a way to organize my online life - think I should become an affiliate?
Thanks, and have a great weekend. And make sure Mike doesn't get any Oreos. 'Cause he has the biggest pair of cheater pants around.

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