December 7, 2006

The Lefty Brown Experience

Well, this has been a busy week, especially since I'm considering a life-changing decision. However, in the meantime, Lefty has asked some questions that I feel a public obligation to answer.

How long will it be before Cheap Trick shows up in your "Records You Should Own"?
Early 2007. I'm trying to decide which disc to feature.

How good is Cheap Trick's new disc? It's gob-smackingly good. As good as their "classic" stuff.

Is it required that all Chicago-area residents love Cheap Trick (like New Jersians and Springsteen)? Personally, I have heard a lot of local bands play "Surrender", but Chicago hasn't really embraced Cheap Trick, which is technically from Rockford, Will Pfeiffer's hometown. Their loss.

Cheap Trick, the best rock band out of Chicago, or the greatest rock band out of Chicago? I would say yes. Especially since other bands that have come from Chicago - Urge Overkill, Smashing Pumpkins - can't lay a frickin' candle to Cheap Trick.

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