January 24, 2007

Regaining My Cool

Well, I'm working busily on seeking a job, and making arrangements...by this time in about three months, my situation will have changed. I'm feeling a lot stronger, a lot better...because now, I have a plan.

But enough of my angst - now, it's related comic book (and other) thingies:
  • First, Mike, I can no longer mock you, especially that now, there are two pieces of evidence that point to a fellow blogger who has acted, well, even more goofy. (Plus, other people have made worse Hitler references - in the series ending episode of Kids in the Hall, they had a sketch featuring Hitler doing rude things to a donkey)
  • You know, my mind was completely blown by the remastered "Where No Man Has Gone Before." Makes me glad I'm reconnecting with Trek.
  • Checked out Batman: Face the Face (aka the "One Year Later" arc), and this is the Batman - a guy who can fight, solve crimes, and is the most compassionate character in the DC Universe. About frickin' time.
  • While watching "Prescription: Murder" - one of the movies in the Columbo 1st Season Boxed Set - I realized that Peter Falk was playing Columbo kinda tough and bad ass. See it yourself if you don't believe me. (And the DVD set was my dad's, so it's not like I'm using grocery money to buy discs)
  • So Supernova was Booster Gold? Well, my personal 52 theory is that there are 52 anomalies (Nightwing and Donna Troy alive, Starman, etc) in the "main" DC universe. But I could be wrong.
  • Good reason to have a Comic Space page - thanks to a fellow member, I read this really cool online comic. Please head there - you'll be glad you did.
  • Loren and Eddie - I publicly salute you. You are both scholars and gentlemen. And I'm talking Roger Green-level scholars and gentlemen. That's something
  • Finally, the show my cousin's husband said would cheer my spirits - Robot Chicken. Here's a sample:

Thanks again, and folks - I'm in much, much better spirits. Keep the good thoughts a-comin'!

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