February 16, 2007

Stop the Insanity!

I hate to quote Susan Powter at a time like this, but just some of the usual link blogging and random thoughts this blog engages in from time to time:
  • Get well to both Mike and Kevin - Mike's got a cold, and Kevin food poisoning. The blogosphere will be empty without out.
  • RIP to the Brill Building - it was one of the first blogs I ever encountered, and was one of the few that led me to think, "Hey, I can blog about comics too!". Ian, you'll be missed.
  • Dear Joe Quesada: Please explain this to me: it was not OK to have a naked Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Reign # 1, but it was OK to have Mary Jane die from "radioactive man chowder" two issues later. For some reason, the words "double standard" seem to apply...or am I wrong?
  • All I gotta say about new Lost is that, despite ratings being at their lowest, the storyline is now starting to pick up again. Yay!
  • If you like cheesy, old science fiction movies, head here and watch them free.
And finally, a video, because I can:

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