March 13, 2007

5 Things I'll Miss About St. Louis

As things begin to wind down a little bit, I'm in a slightly contemplative mood - here are the five things (other than friends and surrogate family) that I will miss about St. Louis.
  1. Cardinals - as someone who grew up with two crappy baseball teams, I am grateful that I was able to live in a city with an excellent baseball team.
  2. People - in many ways, St. Louis is slightly backward (which I'll post about after I'm in Chicago), but there is a neighborliness about the city, a real concern by a few select quarters. Don't believe me? Check out STL Rising. (Plus, this includes my friends, whom I'll miss dearly)
  3. Star Clipper Comics - quite possibly the greatest comics store in the multiverse (sorry, Mike)
  4. Food - Ted Drewes, Fitz's Root Beer, Toasted Ravioli, Schlafly Pale Ale...although St. Louis needs to get some decent frickin' pizza. And hot dog places. And large, artery clogging Italian beef sandwiches.
  5. Tivoli - Mixing old school architecture with a slightly indie vibe, this is the place to see movies.

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