April 29, 2007

5 Reasons I'm Enjoying "The Lightning Saga"

Unfortunately, I'm in the grips of a nasty hay fever/cold/severe sinus problem. But, since I need to blog, here are my five reasons why I am enjoying the JLA/JSA/Legion "Lightning Crossover" so much:
  1. Sandman's Return - I know Sand was a pretty cool character, but it's nice that he's finally being allowed to "fulfill the legacy". Now, if JSA Classified would only feature a "One Year Later" arc featuring him. (Plus, I just frickin' love the Golden Age Sandman, and I guess Neil Gaiman is being generous in allowing DC to use the "Sandman" name)
  2. A Legion "Revival" - OK, I admit it, I'm an old school Legion fan. (I even enjoyed the infamous SW6/5 Years later arc). It's good to see that if the current Legion book is part of the new multiverse, that the "original" Legion is somewhat still intact.
  3. Playing fair - The reveal of the second character lost in time in JSA 5 was, I thought, the best use of playing fair. I even turned back the page - yes, the art reflected the reveal.
  4. Superman's reminiscing about the Legion - I know Johns is, with Donner, integrating movie continuity; however, if these few pages don't reveal the human side of Superman, I don't know what does.
  5. The Batman/Karate Kid fight - Ok, maybe for some fans this was weak, but it proved time and again why he's the g*****n Batman.

And now, I'm off to herbal tea, Doctor Who, and bed.

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Scott said...

"I guess Neil Gaiman is being generous in allowing DC to use the "Sandman" name"

He doesn't need to be - they owned it before he came on the title, and all his Sandman work for DC was work for hire anyway. They can even use Daniel, the new Morpheus, whenever they want in their titles. Did you notice that the first arc was referenced when talking about Dr. Destiny and the sources of his power?

Wonder if Sand and Nuala will run into Daniel, actually.