May 18, 2007

This Toddlin' Town

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The thought came to me two days ago, on the way home from a networking event. Maybe it has been the rush of getting settled, or even the influence of the appletini, but the thought finally occurred to me taking the Orange Line back home:

It feels as if I never left Chicago - I'm almost too comfortable here

Admittedly, it is easy for someone - even a long-term native - to disparage St. Louis. After all, at times living in St. Louis was like dating someone with severe self-esteem issues: you know you can help your significant other learn to grow, but you also get frustrated and want to say, "Get over yourself!" The consistent wink-and-nudge attitude about the provincial where-did-you-go-to-high-school?, the slow movement towards any kind of progression...most of the time, however, it was fun.

However, I'm finding that, deep in my heart, I always was a Chicago boy - right now, the only question that people ask when I inform them of my move is whether I'm a blue hat or a red hat. (Answer: I don't care, because I'm a basketball man). Reconnecting with friends has been slow (after all, they have their lives), and the job search has been fruitful (some interviews, and I'm considering moving from the non-profit world in order to become corporate - mostly to gain experience for a shift back), but all in all, I'm starting to adjust. I miss my friends in St. Louis, but on the other hand...I like having a Dunkin Donuts on almost every other corner.

Plus, this time has given me some opportunity to plan some of those always-wanted-to-do projects, including
  • A proposal and outline for Continuum's 33 1/3 series;
  • A possible Nanowrimo project;
  • Some story ideas for television least, if they have spec submission guidelines; and
  • A business plan for a non-profit consulting gig.
And at worst, I always have the option of trying out for the Luvabulls.

Coming soon: why I'm not "counting down" with DC, DVD reviews; a kick-ass "Biography You Should Read", more podcast madness, and cruising the multiverse old-school style.

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