June 4, 2007

5 Best Lines from Birds of Prey 106

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This has been one hell of a weekend - some unnecessary family drama (which is now ended), getting some rest (meaning I only sound minimally like Froggy from the Little Rascals), and a very promising job interview have me rather renewed.

So today's blog entry - keeping it simple: Birds of Prey 106 totally frickin' rocked. (Ms. Simone, thank you for helping bring a smile to my face, and for making a comic so freaking cool - you are totally Osama Bin Awesome) So much so, that I'm choosing my favorite five lines from the issue, in no particular order.
  1. "Fight, what fight?...there are only six of them"
  2. "I know, I know, smart guy...turn around anyway
  3. "Chow's better freelance"
  4. "Do you know what they call this on Apokolips, harridan? Foreplay"
  5. "And I like nice boys. Sorry."
The only thing that kinda sorta didn't hang was the end-of-issue reference to this 80s mini-series.

P.S. Happy blogiversary to the Redhead Fangirl!

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redlib said...

Gordon, I really liked this BOP too,and rereading the lines made me smile all over again. Thanks!