July 18, 2007

More Newsarama Drama

It's pretty much being spread all over the comics blogosphere - DC's teaser for the "Final Crisis" in 2008, presumably what Countdown is counting down towards. Surprisingly, the above photo was submitted to Newsarama with little fanfare.

I know several people on the blogosphere have chimed in, but my two cents, for all it's worth:
  • I'm all for teaser images, but couldn't we wait until closer to May? And quite frankly, I would rather have buzz around a good story than a picture.
  • Speaking of which, is that Michael Turner's signature by Wonder Woman's right foot?
  • Why do I get the feeling that the old "Earth-1" heroes are going to replace our "New Earth" heroes? (Not a spoiler - just speculation)
  • Well, this explains all those Crisis on Multiple Earths trades that were released.
  • Yeah, like this is going to be the Final Crisis. Just wait - soon it will be Ultimate Crisis: Paper or Plastic.
  • Maybe I'll be recovered enough from my ban on mega-crossovers to check it out, but hopefully, there'll be a lot of punching enough.
  • This better result in a Showcase Presents: The Inferior Five collection. (Hey, if Sterling can like Swamp Thing, I can like Inferior Five.)
Feel free to leave comments, suggestions, whatever. (Don't mind me - just being Mr. Crankypants tonight. It's the humidity)

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