July 20, 2007

SICKO: The Review & Bonus Rant

Since I didn't want to write a rambling post on SICKO - here's a rambling podcast.


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Lefty said...

Real good podcast Mr. D! I freaked out at the loudness of the dialogue clip at the very beginning, but otherwise, one of your best podcasts yet!

Roger Green said...

I listened to yours right after Lefty's. His was too soft when I started and I had to crank it up. So naturally, yours then was nearly deafening. After adjusting for that, it was cool.

While I agree the tax structure in the UK may be rather stiff, the general idea that we shouldn't have people dying to line the insurance companiers' pockets is still valid.

That patient dump - I haven't the film yet: was it in LA? - was featured in a 60 Minutes story this year. Reprehensible.