September 29, 2007

Blogging About Blogging Is A Sin

to paraphrase a quote from Mike Sterling

As the more astute of you have noticed, my online blog time has been, well, the last time I posted, I think an issue of Planetary had just come out. I've not been as present as I probably could be, and I have a good reason.

My life has been busy. And not in a good way.

Personal matters too numerous to go into online. My personal address book accidentally uploaded into a social networking site...which then began massively spamming personal and professional contacts, resulting in embarrassment. Health scares with my mom and my aunt. But it's left me a little gun-shy around posting in public - my mood has been rather icky, and I've wanted to avoid using the blog (or comments) as a way of snarking out at people.

However, there is one little pet peeve that I'm starting to develop - and that's people who use the comments to complain about problems with links, tags (such as from Rifftrax DIY), and the podcast. I don't mind fixing the blog - I just mind that very little tact seems to be used.

Personally, it's grating on me - it's the equivalent of standing in the middle of the room and yelling, "HEY, GORDON, YOUR FLY'S OPEN!!!" When just as easily, a hushed move towards a corner and whispering the same thing. So I ask that you please e-mail those issues to me in the future - otherwise, it puts both of us into an awkward position.

Also, in terms of the podcast - please keep in mind that I'm doing this strictly as a hobby, and to develop new skills. I'm no professional (and there are plenty of other podcasts that commit worse sins)...and quite frankly, I don't have the financial ability to purchase high end equipment. When I'm in that position, I will...(and it has been suggested that I do a public call for funds. Given that I have no "overhead" on the blog - no domain expenses, or e-mail, or even storage - it seems rather arrogant of me to essentially ask people to pay for reading this blog).

However, I am working on writing a column for a comic-related site (in negotiations - will inform you when it's up and running). I'm also open to any professional opportunities (if you ask nicely, I'll send you my resume).

Again, I know I'll get some flack, but I wanted to be straight - it's been a little rough these past few weeks. It was either come clean or start snarking.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog. And coming tomorrow, "It's Your Funeral"


Jessica P. Wallin said...

Yes! Another intelligent person who has succumbed to the throes of pop culture! Keep up the great work.

Happy blogging,


Roger Green said...

Apropos of blogging, I've answered your question on mine. Hope the response to your cryptic question was adequate.

doppelganger said...

Whoo! Whoo!

Go Gordon!

(Sorry, I dunno - I just felt the need to say something positive and encouraging - I don't understand blog-snipers, it aint like yer charging an entry fee)