September 1, 2007

September's Record You Should Own

Just in time for your labor day listening - September's Record You Should Own

Also, just a few notes:
  • I had to delete one of the earlier, less professional sounding podcasts, to make room.
  • For some reason, posting the MP3 took forever, hence the deletion. Please let me know if there are problems.
  • Cranking up the gain on my microphone does wonders!
  • There's a wacky prank that you can join in...and
  • Get ready for a major "Sunday in the Village" post tomorrow. I'm seriously considering collecting my Prisoner posts and writing them as a book.
  • NOTE: the embedded player may not be working right - click here to listen if needed

Click here to get your own player.


Roger Green said...

Boy, I'm glad you have that alternate site. On the pull down on your main page, it was all Chipmunks.

Gordon said...

Roger - I'm still trying to figure out why. I deleted and reuploaded...and on the site itself, it's OK.

Go figure.