December 23, 2007

To Get You In The Holiday Spirit

Just thought I would spread a little holiday cheer by basically, well, cribbing videos from You Tube.

First, a little excerpt from the Extras Christmas special/series ender (which I never quite got into the same way I enjoyed The Office.) This is a nice little guest star role from some guy in some obscure science fiction show I've never heard of:

Next, some Chicago-style sketch comedy from my favorite local access show. (WARNING - you might not want to show this to the little ones):

In the same spirit of my last blog post:

And finally, because Christmas is not complete without Morey Amsterdam (from an old show I watched a lot as a kid):

...because everything's cooler with Morey Amsterdam. If you don't like Morey, you hate America. And kittens.


Roger Green said...

Haven't watched any of them yet, but I already know, practically by heart, that segment from the Dick van Dyke Show. I'm currently reading a book about the show.
Have I mentioned that I love that show?

Roger Green said...

On an unrelated note, I wonder why my Fresh! designation seems to have disappeared the last few days from your blogroll. I posted at 6 a.m. and it's 12:35 p.m. aqnd I always check your blog after I've posted.

Gordon said...


Blame Blogrolling - they're kind of goofy that way.