December 9, 2007

Too Many Knots to Untangle

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Well, just wanted to check in with everyone with a few blog-related items:

First, as you'll notice on the right hand side of the blog, things are looking a little more cleaned up and organized. I'm looking to learn some CSS/XHTML/coding issues to make the blog a little more presentable. I've played with new Blogger Templates on a test blog, and quite frankly...if I had no idea what I was doing, I would love it. I know a little HTML, and quite frankly, I like customizing and tweaking. Having been inspired by the Chicago Bloggers Meetup group, I'm actually looking to making the blog more reader friendly.

In addition, I recently recorded a podcast interview with the inimitable Lefty Brown, and one of the things he asked for the formal name of my podcast. In that regard, look for a slightly revamped podcast - with a formal title - in January 2008. (It'll kick off with that month's Record You Should Own, and I have three ideas for a title). But be sure to give Lefty's "Left Side of the Dial" a listen when it comes out - you will definitely enjoy it. Plus, he's a great blogger.

Also, I now have Skype, so if you would like to talk - or if you can record such conversations, and would like to do a joint podcast - drop me a line. You'll be glad you did.

Finally, as mentioned on Lefty's podcast, here are the records I'm listening to...and I think you'll dig 'em.

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Roger Green said...

I prefer Cast THIS, Pal! as a brand extension.