January 28, 2008

You Make Me Tag Along Run Into The Rent-A-Crowd

Things have been very busy this past week - a fund raising project and some temporary work have had me busy. So, in an attempt to bring all of you up to speed, here are some quick little bullet items for your perusal:
  • Current favorite reads: Marvel, surprisingly, with The Twelve and Immortal Iron Fist. Both are more than willing to take some old school styles and give them some new school twists. Both series are highly recommended.
  • Just finished the hardcover of Marvel Zombies. Good to know that a one-page premise could sustain a mini-series...but why?
  • Shameless self-promotion: this Wednesday at 1:00 pm, I'll be doing an in-studio interview as pop culture-comic blogger/non-profit community mobilizer/Jack of All Trades. You can listen in the Chicago area on 89.5 FM, or click here (which may be a future host of the podcast) at that time for a streaming version.
  • I'm loving the heck out of Facebook's "Virtual Bookshelf" application. You can check out my profile on the sidebar, and send me a note if interested.
  • Thursday night, I'll be doing this networking event - if you're a young professional, and/or want to get involved in Chicago non-profits, please attend.
  • I have also been asked to acquire sponsorships for a reggae/Jamaican music festival with health/educational themes - please e-mail me if you have contacts with an appropriate company.
  • Finally, Robert Johnson - available for download now.
And now, as I always like to do, let's end with a song:


Stephen said...

the twelve is really awesome. iron fist i like but i find myself confused with all the different iron fists and how they sync up chronologically, is that just me?

Gordon said...

To be honest - I just sit back and enjoy the book.