April 14, 2008

Waiting Breathlessly For The Joe Meek Revival

Just some random items about some things that are going on - because, as Mike likes to remind us, blogging about blogging is a sin. A nasty, evil sin that we'll be pushed eternally for.

Ok, that latter part, Mike never said - I just made up.
  • Monday, April 14th, is Blogger Appreciation Day. So please, feel free to contact one of your favorite bloggers, say 'hello', and thank them. I know I will. Hey, give them a hug. Or send them some brownies.
  • Since Doctor Who starts on the Sci-Fi Channel on April 18th, I'm thinking of postponing my reviews of new Who until afterwards, and maybe doing them the day after. Any and all thoughts on this matter are appreciated.
  • On April 15th, be sure to check out the latest edition of TV Party on Comic Related. (And also, say "hi" to Chuck"). Since one of my last comic-related posts nearly cracked the Internet in half (or, at the very least, was posted on Newsarama), this one will...be interesting, to say the least.
  • In terms of feedback, I'm also thinking of doing a Cafe Press-style store with, at the very least, coffee mugs...but I'm looking for one that is relatively affordable for readers. (I mean, a basic price of $11 - no markup - for a printed mug seems a little expensive). If anyone has any experience, please feel free to drop me a line.
  • Current trade faves via the Chicago Public Library: 100 Bullets and Y: The Last Man. Yes, I know, I should have started sooner. I'm really enjoying both.
  • Being a glutton for punishment, I've started a blog as class representative for my high school graduating class.
  • Finally, there are going to be some changes to the blog - nothing major; I'm actually switching from classic to New Blogger, although very reluctantly (I recently read this article, and most of the widgets I use only work for new Blogger). So, for the time being, the blog may look a little awkward, and unofficial blog proofreader Roger will have his work cut out for him. Hopefully, by next week, everything should look a little more streamlined, and some unused stuff will be left by the way side.
And the title of this post? A lyric from a song by this songwriter about this relatively obscure 1960's producer in a cheap attempt to get the attention of one of the writers of one of my favorite blogs.


Stephen said...

just finished y your not the only one whoes behind on the times.

Camera Obscura said...

People who plan on not blogging Doctor Who until the American feed runs should not put an Adipose up on the screen.

Roger Green said...

Hi, my name is Roger. Sorry to miss Blogger day, but I'm here at an undisclosed location...