May 26, 2008

Momwatch Is Over!

Hey, everyone,

First, a special thank you to John at Altjiranga Mitjina (or however you spell the name of his blog) for introducing me to the joys of Scribe Fire. Now, I have another way of posting to the blog...and it's kind of enjoyable. It's good to have another way to create content for the blog.

As the title indicates, Mom is home from the hospital - actually, home after calling me at 9 am, telling me to walk over and wake up my aunt in order to pick her up. I'll be giving her doctor a call, see if there are any really strong sedatives we can give her. After her surgery, she needs to get some rest...and allow her family to get some rest as well.

But enough of the snark - here are some various bullet points that don't even rank little Twitter posts:

  • If you haven't already, please head on down to Comic Related - not only will you dig this month's TV Party, but in the forums you'll be able to help write a future column.
  • Before all of you ask - yes, I have the new Doctor Who mid-season four trailer. However, I'm not posting it until 06/07 as part of Season Four Saturdays. Long story short - it's quite spoiler-riffic. So much that I would rather show it "in sequence" rather than disrupt those watching on The Sci-Fi Channel.
  • Speaking of which, I'm watching seasons three and four of Battlestar Galactica concurrently. Although I love the lovely confusion of seeing how certain plot lines evolve...I wouldn't necessarily recommend it for everyone.
  • A special shout-out to Facebook pal Warren Frey, who is co-host of the greatest Doctor Who podcast in Western Civilization. At some point, Warren, let's go beat up the hosts of Podshock for their lunch money.
  • Finally, I'm thinking of taking this blog post and expanding it into an e-book. Any thoughts?
Coming soon: a review of Cloverfield. More Season Four Saturdays. Why David Hasselhoff is the greatest actor known to mankind. And a reevaluation of Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor.

(One of the previous items is a false item. See if you can guess which one?)


Greg said...

That's good to hear, sir. I hope she continues to improve.

Roger Green said...

Please elucidate on the e-book concept. Where would it be hosted, etc.? The topic is certainly worthy.

Best to your mom.

Gordon D said...

Roger - actually, I would probably go the self-publishing route and use Lulu or some similar service.

Chuck Moore said...

Great to hear your mom is home. Outstanding news!

Over on Comic Related, you can also find the TV Party archive under the new "Columns" button at the top of the page. Each time a new TV Party posts, the column will leap to the top of that page.

warren said...

Done and done. I'm polishing my brass knuckles as we speak. You hear me, Podshock? YOU HEAR ME? :)