June 19, 2008

Cutting Edge Intellectual Content

Although many of you have publicly enjoyed this piece on eDemocracy, I wanted to continue the tradition with these videos. I think that, after you watch these short subjects, you will begin to believe in the fundamental goodness of humanity, and the power of the Internet.


Richard Marcej said...


I'm not sure you had planned this, or if it was a coincidence, but yesterday (June 19) was Moe's Birthday (http://www.thebaboonbellows.com/?p=2010)

Perhaps "great minds think alike"? :)

Gordon D said...


As much as I would like to admit it...no, I did not know yesterday was Moe's birthday.

But it is timely nonetheless.


Salo said...

It may very well be that I am not part of your "target audience" but just in case (as I see these Hulu-videos popping in many blogs I read);

You know that people outside United States can't see a thing? And it's quite frustrating to see bloggers assuming that because they see it, everyone does.