August 8, 2008

Polishing Up the Blog

Yes, I know, I've seemingly been away for awhile - storms on Monday knocked out my Internet access, and things at work have been crazy busy (but in a good way), but while I'm at Social Monkey Death Camp on Saturday, please feel free to check out some of the neat-o peachy keen things I've added to my blog.

(Of course, I can hear my co-workers snickering in their cubicles, but they shall rue the day...oh, gosh, the ruing will be intense).

  • First, Hulu has come out with some cool widgets, one of them being a sidebar attachment that allows you to feature shows, and I'll be changing it monthly. This month, it's the show that keeps Hugh Laurie up at nights.
  • I've also joined those who use Plurk. It's like Twitter on steroids, and much more fun.
  • By the way, to my coworkers who are reading this when they should be working - Marty owes us donuts. And caffeinated beverages.
  • I've cleaned up the RSS feed display - and speaking of RSS feeds, if you want to read what I'm reading, check out Toluu. It allows you to link to your newsreader du jour, and it's got some other neat features.
  • If you would like to check out all of my online shenanigans, either subscribe to my Friendfeed or check out my Swurl.
  • Be sure to check out Comic Related on August 15th, with a new, timely TV Party column.
That's it for now, campers - more forthcoming.

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