September 23, 2008

To Sweetcheeks From Mr. Know-It-All

Dear Sweetcheeks,

Oh, I know that's not your real name, and that it's been years since we worked together. However, I wanted to keep you relatively anonymous on my blog - you didn't ask for me to address this to you, so I figured it was "sweetcheeks" or "Jennifer", since 80% of the women I worked with were named Jennifer.

However, since Jennifer isn't your name, and "Sweetcheeks" is, well, funnier, there you go.

I know you've been busy doing...well, whatever you're doing, and I wanted to ask you a favor.

Could you please send me back my copy of The Moose That Roared, Keith Scott's biography of animator Jay Ward?

Oh, sure, I could take back my mom's copy (which I bought for her on her birthday), or simply buy another one from quite frankly, I'm tired of having to borrow my library's copy, because it's quite a good book. I thought I had said you could borrow it - unfortunately, I probably should have been more assertive. By the time I realized my error, I didn't have your number, although you can contact me through Facebook and Linked In, if you want to connect.

Granted, it's not for everyone's taste - in fact, I'm rather flattered that you kept it and forgot to give it back. (Unless I told you that it was OK to keep, in which case - my bad). It's a really strong survey of a man who helped shape much of contemporary humor and culture. It takes two readings to really get - often, Scott attempts to mimic the tone of the old Bullwinkle and Rocky show, and it often doesn't come across well in print. But there's a real treasure trove of information for fans of classic cartoons...and quite frankly, you can tell that Keith Scott is a real aficionado.

And not just because he did the Bullwinkle voice in that movie a few years back, either.

But anyway, if I could have my copy back, it would be really appreciated. And fair's fair - I allowed you to tease me about my Alex Ross Superman poster without complaining. I think this is the least you can do, and I'll never ask anything from you again.

Oh, and if you're ever in my neck of the woods, let get together to catch up on old times.

Your former co-worker,
Mr. Know-It-All

P.S. Just as a side note - I want to see some Bullwinkle/Bully the Little Stuffed Bull crossover fanfiction. It just simply makes sense.

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Bully said...

I want to see some Bullwinkle/Bully the Little Stuffed Bull crossover fanfiction.

Again? But that trick never works!