November 24, 2008

Blogging With Myers-Briggs

Due to my schedule being kind of wonky for the past few weeks, the deadline for the Social Media A-Go-Go contest has been extended until Wednesday, November 26th, at 5:00 pm CST. Now, back to the blog.
I just love it when my social service/mental health geekiness, my online geekiness, and my comics-loving geekiness all collide.

This morning, while reading my various feeds, I came across Roger's recent post, which featured a web site that used Myers-Briggs personality typing on blogs. Being a rather curious guy, I decided to do so, and lo and behold - I'm share many things in common with Roger.

Now, one could posit that perhaps it's because Roger and I celebrate March birthdays within 24 hours of each other...but that's astrology, and Myers Briggs is so much more. It's not based on the stars, but on tendencies within personality (although admittedly, some of the science behind it is lacking). So I, an INFJ, was surprised to write a blog which was typed ESTP (for further explanation, head here, and I apologize for the incomplete nature of the screenshot).

Maybe it's a rather geeky thing for me to do (and we geeks love our Myers-Briggs), but it got me wondering about other bloggers - is there a correlation between personality and blogging? (In terms of Myers-Briggs; after all, text can be quite misleading - someone who is pleasant online, for example, could be the total opposite in real life). I also wonder about the personality styles of my fellow Junk Fewd collaborators (although, for one or two of them, the less I know, the better)

So, if you're interested (and have a little free time this weekend), please feel free to take the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, which is a Myers-Briggs-oriented test that has a little bit more scientific backing behind it. But anyway, if there's one thing I would strongly suggest you do, it's to get your geek on.

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Erm... I'm entirely situational, if that makes sense.