February 18, 2009

And Lo, There Shall Be...A Tweetup

As many of you may or may not be aware, March 6th (Friday) is my birthday (it's also Tom Arnold's birthday, but he's not a blogger, so there!).

(This is also post # 1100, but that has nothing to do with content)

Long ago, I decided to emulate Jack Benny, who no matter what year, stayed a perennial 39 years old. I liked it because, quite frankly, it was a good year to stay at.

So for those of you in the Chicago area on Friday, March 6th...you are cordially invited to join me for my 12th annual 39th birthday celebration at Fado's Irish Pub, located at Grand and Clark (just a few short blocks from the CTA Red Line train) from 6pm to 8pm. It's more historic than what happened at the Alamo.

Just a few notes about the event:

  • Be casual, man. It's no big thing. Just me and some friends getting together, but feel free to bring friends.
  • Please also feel free to forward on Twitter, Facebook, etc. I'll be sending out invites today via those channels, and let's face it - it's a social media groove thang.
  • You'll win brownie points if you bring some attractive, single females...or you are an attractive, single female.
  • If you're interested in me and an attractive, single female - please bring a resume. I'm serious. I have dating standards, you know.
  • Please don't be surprised if I don't stay all night - I have a ticket to the hottest movie in town that day at the Navy Pier IMAX:

That's right - it's Old Government Short Subject Night. Going to definitely rock.

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