March 10, 2009

Fireside Chat

Things have been relatively busy for me - part of it is Mom's repeat visits to the hospital, and part of it is general life stuff. I realize I'm violating the blogger's code and not documenting every single moment of my life in that spirit, here are a series of bullet points - things that may not warrant a full-on blog post, but part of an overall check-in.

  • Unlike many of my comic-blogging brethren, I won't be blogging about seeing the movie Watchmen. Mostly because I wrote a piece for Comic Related about it which will be published on or around March 15th.
  • Work is keeping me very busy - in a good way. Without breaking any disclosure rules, there are some potential things coming down the pike which - if they come about - will make me a happy guy. Plus, I've moved from freelance to full time, meaning frivolities like benefits, health insurance, etc.
  • Also revisiting season three of Doctor Who - aside from two kind of lame bits, I have to say that "Last of the Time Lords"....isn't that bad. Just incredibly weak.
  • Happy belated birthday to friend and near twin Roger.
  • I can't say this enough - I frickin' love Dave Campbell as the cool brother I never had.
  • At the risk of whining, is it just me...or is this site possibly taking itself a little too seriously? (Especially for a humor site)
  • Is anyone else enjoying The Mighty from DC? Or am I the only one?
Thanks for allowing me to mini-rant; now, back to our regular blog.

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