April 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Billy Shakespeare!

Yes, although the morning news and Mayor Daley may declare this "Talk Like Shakespeare Day", we here at Blog This, Pal! (and by "we", I mean "me and Dax the wonder cat" would like to encourage you to partake of the Bard's more literary fare.

Since several of you don't live near a convenient Shakespeare festival - and are often pressed for time - let me suggest Librivox as a resource for all things Shakespearean.

So check out these Shakespearean monologue "greatest hits". Or dive deeply into his sonnets.

As for me, I know my choice...and it involves a blue box that travels through time.


Codizzle said...

I've made an iphone app that generates shakespearean insults! Check out http://www.killersweetapps.com

Sky_of_Blue said...

Time to go re-read the Compleat Works of Shakespeare. ;-)