April 19, 2009

It's Podcasting Time In the Valley

It's time once again for the "fireside chat" - a semi-regular podcast in which I...talk about stuff.

In this edition, I manage to insult - and apologize - to one of my favorite podcasters; talk about one of my all-time current favorite shows (and two not-quite-favorites); and all in all, put together a halfway OK podcast.

So, you can either listen in on the sidebar, download it directly, or check out the new podcast blog entry (now with show notes! Although, in all honesty, show notes may provide spoilers for podcast, so be warned).

And now, it's back to life, love (or the seeking of it), and the unique magic that is season three of Veronica Mars.



Roger Owen Green said...

I listened to your podcast, and it had a reference to Lefty Brown and me. But - and I should probably just relisten to it - I wasn't sure what it was you were saying about us, other than we're Christians.
Is it it that we do proselytize, don't proselytize or would be offended by something you were going to say?

For the record, while I make my own feelings of faith clear enough, I try at least not to ram it down anyone else's throat. I'm not offended by others' different faith, lack of faith, or even antipathy towards faith (as long as it doesn't prevent others from expressing theirs).

Oh, I made some notes re your podcast which I've misplaced, but one point seems to stick out in my mind: there's more porn per capita in Utah than any other state.

Gordon D said...


My point was that using phrases like "Come down from the cross, we need the wood" might be potentially offensive to Christians...especially Christians assertively try to live like Christ. More specifically, you and Mr. Brown.

My apologies for the lack of clarity.

Roger Owen Green said...

Oh, THAT. Nah, I think the phrase to me means don't take yourself so seriously. frankly, I'd not heard it before, but I wasn't offended.